Savings from biofuel

We aim to maximise the carbon savings from the biofuels we use, so the carbon footprint of our fuels is as low as possible.

In our financial year ended April 2015:

The average carbon saving from the biofuel we blended in the UK was 68%, nearly double the saving required under the Renewable Energy Directive.

The total carbon emissions from the biofuel we supplied globally, including to other oil companies for their own blending, was 2.4 million tonnes.
For the biofuel blended into the petrol and diesel
we supply in the UK and Canada, the saving was
1,980m tonnes, equivalent to taking 621,000 cars
off the road.

Emissions from
and haulage

The main sources of emissions in our business are our biodiesel manufacturing and haulage operations.

In our financial year ended April 2015:

Group carbon emissions were 12% higher per cubic metre of fuel sold this year than last, at 4.19Kg CO2e per cbm (FY14: 3.74kg). This was due primarily to increased emissions from our biodiesel manufacturing facilities, which were closed in the latter part of FY14 for flood recovery work.

Our in-house and third party hauliers drove 5% further than last year to deliver fuel to customers, but the diesel consumption associated with these deliveries increased by only 4%. MPG was improved due to the use of newer, more efficient vehicles in our in-house fleet.